From Hobby to Business

Woodworking is an arts and craft hobby that depending on how you look at it, can earn you quite a substantial income. There are people who love woodworking, but just do it as a hobby. I have a close relative who got into woodworking just as a hobby. He became very good at building custom furniture. His entire master bedroom and den are completely furnished with his unique woodwork items. He has built everything from beds, tables, and dressers to book cases, entertainment center and cabinets. When friends visited his home, they were amazed at the quality and design of his work. Orders for custom made items quickly followed. The good news is that if you have interest in the subject then starting a woodworking business is quite easy and this article will show you how.
Woodworking is a broad subject that ranges from building a simple birdhouse all the way to the production of office and home furniture. You have to decide what will be your particular niche. That is, what area of woodworking will you specialize in? What products are you going to build?

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Setting up your business

Since you are moving from a hobby to creating a profitable business, you need to copyright your products to prevent people from stealing your ideas profiting from them. Another smart thing to do is to incorporate your business. Again this is something that you do not have to worry about or do yourself. There are a number of very low services that will help you incorporate your business. Setting up your business requires planning. You must lay out a good business plan so that you can see how to get from step A to step B and so on. Decide on a budget, the kind of products you are going to focus on, and the location of your business.


Any time you have a business, you must get the word about your product or service. Hence you must advertise. There are many ways you can advertise your product. Your method of advertising will depend a great deal on your budget. This should be included as a part of your expenses in your business plan. You can use the print media. That is, place ads in the local newspaper or business directories. You can also distribute flyers and business cards in your local target market. Of course, internet marketing is a great way to reach potential customers. This may sound like a huge task if you are not internet savvy but don’t worry. There are a variety of inexpensive ways to have a website created for your business that will look professional and attract customers. Not only can you use your website to advertise, but you can also use it to accept customer orders and payments thus leaving you free to focus on what you love, woodworking! And by the way, using word of mouth to inform friends and neighbors of your business this is a very inexpensive way of getting the word out about your business.

Tools and plans

Having the right tools for your woodworking projects is essential. The kind of tools that will be needed for your projects will depend on the vastness of your business. If you want to start small, then having simple hand tools along with a workbench will prove to be adequate. You need to buy high quality tools like a hand drill, a timber saw, measurement tools and more. On the other hand, if you want to have large scale production then you will need heavy machinery like a power saw and more. Make sure that the space that you plan to use is adequate.

Use the internet to get new ideas for your woodworking. There are many plans that are available on the internet in which some are free. You need to use the plans that are available here to improve on your skills. You can get new ideas from using available plans. A great guide that shows you everything about starting, running, and growing a great woodowrking business out you